Thursday, 23 August 2012

This Year So Far

Apologies in advance for what is going to be a rather self-focused post, in the hope, as ever, that someone else out there in blogland finds this interesting or useful.
I've been in a strange, reflective mood recently and distinctly lacking in energy. I realised recently that I haven't had a 'proper' holiday (as opposed to one where I go for a weekend or week of dance classes!)  for more than 5 years. I seem to be doing a lot of work but not being very productive - again. 
So, having given myself a metaphorical shake, I thought I would look back on my resolutions and see how I'm doing.  They were:
  • No more unfinished objects (UFOs).  This includes projects and ideas on the drawing board, choreographies and blog posts which spend much too long in draft!
    Epic fail, I have more draft posts, planned projects and choreographies in progress than ever.
  • Dance and create, every day.
    Okay, I might be managing this one, most days if not every day.  And probably the reason for the increasing UFOs.
  • Enter the Ifanca Helene James short story competition. (My entry for last year's was a UFO.)
    This year's entry was a victim of one of many computer problems, where the file was corrupted beyond restoration and I had no backup, and then ran out of time trying to remember and rewrite.
  • Look after myself better, because I am worth it, (and definitely worth more than a pot of hi-tech face cream).
    This really kicked in from the beginning of May, when I started eating a lot more healthily, giving up red and processed meat, initially in the hope that it would reduce the inflammation and pain in my knees and feet from my osteoarthritis.  So far I have lost 3 kilos!
  • Gain my proofreading and copy-editing certificate.
    I've done a little proofreading/editing, but haven't progressed the course!
  • Finish the year so much more tidy and organised than I started it. Seriously.
    This has rather gone in the opposite direction, and is probably the main energy-drainer (apart from needing a holiday!).   I had stopped doing a 'to do' list, because I always seemed to be adding more than I crossed off.  I've now decided that I work better and am more motivated with the list than without it.  I also need to be stricter with my time management.
So far, 2012 is not a particularly good year.  I've lost half my poultry to dog attacks, had far more time at the doctor's and hospital than in the previous 6 or more years added together and had some problem or other with my computer or printer on almost a weekly basis, partly because, like me, it's beginning to feel its age.  Even though I really cannot do anything about it, the dark, cool, rainy weather doesn't help; April and June were apparently the wettest on records dating from 1910.

Still, enough whining! There's still time for something good to come of the year and I've so many blessings I lose count.  Perhaps I should make a list.

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