Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Woolly Weirdness

I was browsing Ravelry patterns for something.  I can't remember what it was, because I got a bit distracted (as you do) by some of the wonderfully weird and inventive things people make with yarn.

There are all sorts of terribly cute little knitted or crocheted figures or objects (amigurumi) of animals, aliens, Minions, fruit, cakes and so on, as well as a netted hammock to store the cuddly toys in, unless your pet rat commandeers it (and them!) first.

There are hats with ears, sharks' fins, mohican hair, unicorn horns with rainbow manes, reindeer antlers, and Viking helmets complete with horns, beards and plaits! If you fancy a double-headed axe to go with your Viking helmet, there are even knitted weapons.

Skulls appear on mittens, cowls, hats and crochet shawls (for you inner Goth or Day of the Dead celebration).

Of course, tea and egg cosies have been around for years. You can put a little sleeve or warmer around your take-out coffee or your favourite mug, the cafetiere, a drinks can or beer bottle (presumably to protect your fingers from the cold bottle, rather than to keep the beer warm, but you never know ...) and your piece of fruit (I've no idea why.).  Even your keys can wear a tiny sweater to keep warm. Everything from your pen and lip balm to the top of crutches and the bottom of chair legs can have a little sleeve. How about a 'soap cozy'? You sew the bar of soap inside the cosy, which is made out of wool that will felt as you use the soap in hot water. I guess when the soap's all gone, you can use the felt for something else.

Apart from covers for all sorts of phones, e-readers, tablets and other technowidgetry, how about a gift card holder, or personalising your luggage with a knitted label for your suitcase?

As well as a sweater for your dog, how about a coat for your goat? Or a hat for your cat (although the cats in the pictures do not look at all impressed!)

I don't really intend to make any of them and haven't looked beyond Ravelry, but I was so fascinated by this that I started a Pinterest board.  I've even worked out how to embed a pic of it here (although it doesn't seem to work as a link)! Okay, that's enough fun for now. Back to work!

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