Saturday, 15 February 2014

Autumn Leaves 'Thing' - Finished!

At long last, I've finished 'The Autumn Leaves Thing', which is now a sort of scarf or stole.  The leaves were blocked, but started to curl again, and it turned out that sewing them together added a sort of 3D effect which made it difficult to pick out the leaf shapes and left it looking like some knitted patchwork, which is exactly what it is. I had the idea from a patchwork I saw in a magazine, years ago. However, what works in woven cotton fabric is just not the same in knit and I would not do this again, nor would I recommend it.  Just don't go there!

At least it's quite warm and snuggly. I've hand-washed it, to see whether the colours are fast (not quite) and to reduce the itchy tickliness of the mohair. Greebo loves it - if I happen to leave it around anywhere, I come back to find him lying on it.

So happy to have finished it, I wrapped it around me and took a (very rare!) selfie!

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