Sunday, 16 February 2014

Evenstar Fingerless Mittens - Finished!

The Evenstar fingerless mittens I started in December were finished before New Year and have been sitting, waiting to be photographed (waiting for a bright day, ha ha!)

They were originally meant for me, because my hands get so cold. I noted when I was working on them that wrestling with dpns and a cable needle was producing a tighter tension, even though the swatch tension was correct.

While I was knitting, I could picture these on a friend of mine, and they are in fact a bit too snug on my pudgy hands and wrists, so they were evidently meant to be for her.  I owe her a pay-it-forward giftie, and her birthday is later this month, so these are a combination present and pay-it-forward. Which is lovely, except I still have cold hands and a need for fingerless mittens, and I simply cannot bear to just buy a cheap mass-produced pair. (Even if I could find some to fit my fists.)

Not only that, but having knitted this pattern, I want to do something different. I think I would also go for some which are shorter in the arm.  Even though the yarn is only acrylic and a bit splitty, the blue glintiness is so pretty. These took just under 100g; the other half of the ball has since been used to start the Longshore blanket.  I've been drooling browsing in Ravelry, madly queueing up projects which catch my eye. It's not like I don't have a pile of stashed yarn to use and since a quick raid on the charity box at a local LYS, some additional needles to try to add some missing sizes to my needle stash!

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