Sunday, 23 March 2014

Mittens for Me - Finished!

I still really needed a pair of fingerless mitts for myself, and was being very indecisive about which pattern to make. Then I saw the pattern for September Woods on Ravelry. Although the picture showed them in a brown, tweedy yarn, I could see them in a sparkly green (which I bought at the same time as the sparkly dark blue I used for the Evenstar mittens). Also, they have a leaf pattern (I love leaves!) and I had the required dpns, so decision made! I put a couple of other projects aside, charged in and cast on.

I was really pleased by how quick and easy they were to knit up. The 3.75 mm needles created a nice fabric, more than stretchy enough for my wide hands and wrists. The green looked a little drab in the ball, but it looks nicer knitted up, with a slight mottling to the colour. They're long enough to warm wrists as well. I like the texture created by the leaves and the twisted knit stitch used to edge the leaf strip. It’s allowed me to learn twisted 1/1 rib and a different method for the thumb hole.

They're lovely, but perhaps a little too large and difficult to type in. I remembered too late that, although I did a tension swatch for the Evenstar mittens, I was using 3.25 mm needles and thought that 3.5 mm would be a better size to use with this yarn.  I also remembered thinking that this Hobbyknit Alpine Spark yarn was quite a thick DK and that I should learn some more about yarn sizes. (I measured it for wpi - wraps per inch - and it comes up as 11 wpi DK.)  I used less than 100g of yarn for the pair.

So I might have to make myself another, finer, smaller pair of mittens.

I'm even gaining the confidence to make modifications:
M1 increases for thumb gusset paired, so M1R, M1L.
Picking up only one stitch at the start of knitting the (left) thumb left a couple of holes which I stitched when weaving in the tail, and a thumb which was slightly too snug. For the right mitt, I picked up 3 stitches, so a total of 14 for the thumb, which was more comfortable for me and didn’t leave holes!
I don’t have long thumbs, so I only did 4 rows of twisted rib, to match the length of ribbing at the fingers.

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