Friday, 3 February 2017

Big Garden Bird Watch 2017

The net of bird food worked, so that despite the rain, my hour of birdwatching on Sunday 29 January proved quite fruitful.
Present and correct:
2 Blackbirds (male and female)
1 Dunnock
8 House Sparrows
1 Blue Tit (although I've seen 2 around)
1 Robin
5 Starlings (just a small delegation from the number locally)
2 Jackdaws (likewise)
1 Chaffinch (female, first time I've seen one in the garden)

Absent without leave (previously seen in the garden, but sadly not present to be counted):
Song thrush
A couple of Long-Tailed Tits which were working over the nooks and crannies in next-doors fence during the previous week
Collared doves
Woodpigeons (probably just as well - the maximum number I've seen in the fields behind during summer has been 18. Just imagine that lot descending on the brassicas!)
The local Rooks
Various gulls which visit the field behind me

By Monday afternoon, the bird food had all gone. After today's cold and rain, I'd better buy a lot more! I'm so glad the number and variety of birds has picked up since I moved in. I think I'd better add some nest boxes and a permanent feeding station into the garden plans!

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