Sunday, 26 September 2010

Swimming Solo

Gliding forwards over the buoyant deep
I watch my glistening nails
Pushing towards the horizon,
The small bow wave they made
Breaking over my hands
Softly chill on my skin.
Floating weightless I lie,
Quiet except for my splash
And laughing, spin and dance,
Swirling bubbles in my wake.

Rain Dance

Raindrops pitter patter,
Tapping on the pavement.
Syncopated splashes
Spin on the swirling water and
Jump into puddles.
A blackbird shelters in the hedge,
Just singing in the rain.

Elemental Dancer

Rooted in the earth,
Arms flowing like water
As the body
Veils catch the air,
Floating, turn and fly.
Motion blurs the starlight sequins,
Move and glitter like fire in the dark.
Show your spirit