Saturday, 31 July 2010

Toes in the Water

I always wondered: Why blog?  Why keep your diary online, available for others to read?  Isn't it all just a bit vain and self-centered?  Are they worth reading?

On the basis that you don't know until you look, I started reading blogs and was amazed.  Okay, there were a few which were pretty much a load of misspelled, self-absorbed drivel.  Mostly, though, they were just people, sharing their experiences and ideas, their pictures and thoughts.
Just people, sharing their lives; good times, bad times, the  hum-drum day-to-day times, triumphs and heartbreaks, loves and hates.

I'm not very good at keeping a diary or journal, so what would motivate me to blog?  Would anyone read it?
Who cares?

The pool looks tempting, the water warm on my toes ... here goes!

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