Sunday, 4 September 2011

Organised Chaos

I like to think I'm quite organised.  I’m very untidy, but mostly manage to work with a sort of organised chaos, relying on knowing where I put something.  And then, at some point, it all descends into complete chaos, where I can’t find anything and feel as though I can’t move for standing on my hands, as it were.  That’s where I am at the moment.  I can’t find the buttons I bought recently at a couple of charity shops.  I have a pile of odd socks.  (This drives me crackers.  Where could they go?)  I have fabric and paperwork everywhere but can’t find the particular fabric or set of papers that I want.  Oh, to have a place for everything and everything in its place, but I’m a hoarder and my stash is currently exceeding the available storage.  I’d do some stash-busting, but I can’t find the buttons …

Needing some inspiration (displacement activity, really), I picked up my Belly Dancer’s Treasure Pack.  This is a set of cards and a ‘guidance book’ written by my belly dance colleague Guinevere Clark. She worked with a number of artists who provided the lovely illustrations on the cards, and I did the proof reading for the book.
I’m always amazed at the way you can select Tarot or Oracle cards and there will be something which speaks to your situation.  Putting aside the 6 cards which constantly call to me (Transformation, Dreamtime, Isis, Goddess, Self-Acceptance and Sensuality) I shuffled the other cards.  Pick 6 cards, let’s see what they say. 

So … Organisation (ha!), Breath, Hands, Learning, Flow, Synergy.  Of course, the affirmations and notes to go with the cards relate to dance, but it seems to me the message is:  Allow and create space and time to get organised.  Take a deep breath, start to pick things up.  Learn from this; lack of organisation interrupts your flow.  You’ll be more productive when you get it all together.

Of course.  I just needed a little message of encouragement from the universe.  Now I’ve stopped thinking so hard about it, I’ve remembered where I put those buttons!

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