Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Finished - Colour Play Crochet Blanket

May already! I meant to blog on the progress of the Colour Play crochet blanket, but just got too busy with everything else, as usual. Anyway, Hurrah!  I have a finished object! The 'Colour Play Crochet' blanket is finished and in use as a snuggle on the sofa. The living room is the lowest point in this cottage, and the cold air tends to pool in there.  I like it (so does my cat Greebo).

It's roughly 1.05 x 1.25 m (42 x 50"). I bought yarn for this project and didn't use much of the various colours, but doing a final round on each square in cream, then joining the squares and edging with a single row of double crochet used 3 x 50g balls. So I now have a stash to play with for future projects.  I can't see myself doing another join-the-squares blanket for a bit though. I found weaving in ends and joining the squares quite tedious, but I feel like I've got this creative desire out of my system.

To connect all the squares, I held the squares right side uppermost, edge stitches matching, and hooked down through matching edge stitches to pick up the yarn, bringing it up through the loops and then working a single crochet chain. It creates a flattish ridge and I was pleased with the effect, although it was rather fiddly.  The blanket edges were a bit wavy and uneven, but I went once around the edge with double crochet and it seemed to give the blanket an even, shallowly scalloped edge.

There, one rather scrappy montage (sorry, learning to do those, too and some of the photos are a bit dark because it is dark in this cottage!). Clockwise from top left; some of the green-yellow permutations, unedged squares, squares edged in cream yarn, and the finished blanket being enjoyed.

I learnt a lot from this project.  I needed to relearn how to join in yarn, and am not convinced about the weave-in-as-you-go method I found from somewhere or other - it results in some knobbly raised stitches. I'm not sure about the final arrangement of the coloured squares, with orange-yellow in the centre (I think I was thinking about flowers).  And I realised how little I know about crochet, really, so next projects will aim to continue learning.

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