Thursday, 29 August 2013


I've just had a lovely few days when my parents came to visit. They were full of apologies that they hadn't been able to come when I first came out of hospital, but I'm glad of that - they would have been so bored, with me trying to get organised for the Cardigan Belly Dance Festival and sleeping the rest of the time!
As it was, we didn't do all that much, hampered by my inability to walk limp far.  We made it to the leisure centre a couple of times, where Dad went to the gym and Mum and I went swimming.  It was so good to feel released from gravity for a while! The pool was reasonably warm and fairly empty considering that it's still the school summer holidays (though not for very much longer - where did August go?).

We had a little excursion to the Wildlife Centre at Cilgerran for lunch at the Glasshouse Cafe, which was packed but the food is always good. Then on to see my friend Rose at Sculpture Heaven, where we pottered around the garden rooms, admiring the trees and flowers, and browsing in the reorganised shop. Rose serves tea and fabulous little cakes with profits going to charity.  Apparently, there are no calories in cakes on Wednesday afternoons (when the sewing circle my Mum belongs to meets to stitch, chat and have tea and cakes).

My parents did some housework for me, as I haven't been able to do much for a few months now and it was lovely to have their help with mundane things like washing up, looking after the hens, or just making a pot of tea.  A lot of the time, we just read the papers, watched TV and talked about computers (Dad) and patchwork (Mum). The chat generated a new idea for me, which I'm now exploring and costing out (but that's all I'm saying for now!)

They couldn't stay for the bank holiday weekend, but I enjoyed my few days of TLC, comfortable, healing and nurturing. Everyone should have some.

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