Thursday, 19 February 2015

Cute Kitty Conspiracy

It was half past midnight and I'd been peacefully catching up on Facebook, having a quick look at who might be coming to the workshops and hafla this weekend, and finishing a couple of conversations, when Xena came in. She miaowed and pawed at my arm for attention, claws out the second time around. 'Okay', I said, 'I understand. Time for bed. Where's your brother?' She scampered off and I followed her into the kitchen, where I nearly stepped on a large rat.

'You cats! Whose is this?'

(It's a farm. There are rats. This was an adult rat and really quite well-fed and heavy. For scale, the floor tiles are 8x8"/20x20 cm. With apologies re the state of the photos, taken in a hurry while the cats were being cute, and to my friends who like rats!)

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