Monday, 5 May 2014

Owlie Socks - And Other Projects

Cute owls seem to have been a design feature for the past couple of years  now and they're everywhere.  Whenever I see one, it reminds me of my friend J, who is very fond of these owls, has created some lovely owl decorations in felt, and whose wisdom I seek on a regular basis.

While I was (spending far too long!) browsing around for my next pair of socks, which I thought should be toe-up so that I can learn some new techniques, I found the 'Hedwig and Friends' socks in my Ravelry queue.  I had earmarked the soft chocolate print Drops Fabel (colour 912) for this, although it may obscure the owl design which is done with a repeat of a cable around the leg of the sock.  These look fun, so I'll start them tonight, if there's any night left by the time I have supper. Lost in Ravelry, I hadn't realised how late it is!

I have a couple of balls of the same colour in Drops 'Big Fabel', intended for an owlie hot water bottle cover.  While I was looking for the pattern for that, I came across the toe-up socks I was intending to start.  They can come next, as I'll need to watch and knit along with a couple of videos so that I can get to grips with the cast on at the toe end and another technique for the heel.  It's things like this which make me wish for a laptop, or even a tablet, so I can look it up while sitting and knitting comfortably on the sofa - not that I'd get a good wireless signal down the other end of the cottage.

The kettle's boiling for my noodles; I'd better get cooking!

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knittingdragonflies said...

Love those, that is funny, I just started crocheting some owls for my niece. Cute, although I'm not a super crocheter.
Take care
Love the spring!