Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Happy New Year!

In mid December, a friend asked me what resolutions I would be making for the new year. I answered - none.  I'd stopped making resolutions a long time ago, wondering why a new year should make a difference to the timing of setting goals. If you decide you want to do something and have a goal to aim at, you can start at any time and set your own time limit.
Still, it made me think - what are my current aims? It's too easy to get carried along by daily life and it's good to plan ahead, and be able to look back in satisfaction at what you've achieved. So I made a few resolutions to be going on with:
  • No more unfinished objects (UFOs).  This includes projects and ideas on the drawing board, choreographies and blog posts which spend much too long in draft!
  • Dance and create, every day.
  • Enter the Ifanca Helene James short story competition. (My entry for last year's was a UFO.)
  • Look after myself better, because I am worth it, (and definitely worth more than a pot of hi-tech face cream).
  • Gain my proofreading and copy-editing certificate.
  • Finish the year so much more tidy and organised than I started it. Seriously.
This could go on for pages, so that'll do for now.  How about you?  Any comments on your new year resolutions?

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