Sunday, 15 January 2012

It Is A Truth Universally Acknowledged ...

... that no matter how big your stash, you won't have the particular item, or colour, fabric, yarn, matching thread, ribbon, button, beads or tool that you want or need for a project.
In this case, no stitch markers.  What?  How did I manage without stitch markers?  (By using loops of waste yarn in a different colour, as far as I remember.)  Could I manage now without stitch markers?  Yes, of course.  Like so many things, I didn't really need them, but I wanted some pretty stitch markers to the point where I knew I would have to make some, just so that I didn't start to daydream and obsess about stitch markers.

So I put down the project to make some, reflecting that this is probably a good way to generate another UFO (but I couldn't do that, because the project in hand was the baby suit).  I took out my findings and some beads, and checked that the jump and split rings I had would in fact fit the 6mm needles I was using.  No, they wouldn't.  And by the natural law of the stash (that you may have all sorts of stuff, but not the precise thing you need at the time), I didn't have any rings big enough.

Burrowing into the stash to find wire to make larger jump rings, what came to hand first was some old copper wire, scavenged when the old house wiring was stripped out.  I forgot about just making simple jump rings and started playing.
I ended up with a few horseshoe shaped markers which could be used for knitting or crochet and a figure 8 style with a glass crystal bead.
Cravings settled for the time being, I used my stitch markers and finished the baby suit. So much more satisfying than using loops of yarn!

Since I was rather enjoying knitting (and the speed at which you can knit up baby clothes!), I thought I might make some mittens and found some nice patterns, all of which called for double pointed needles (dpns).

... Sure enough, apart from a set of antique steel 1.25mm (at a guess) ~ no dpns in my stash!

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