Saturday, 7 January 2012

Itchy Fingers and Tiny Hands

A couple of months ago, my fingers were itching to do a bit of knitting.  What better excuse than the impending birth of a colleague's first baby to start a small project?

I chose a 'onesie'  - a hooded all-in-one suit - from the free patterns on the Lion Brand website (you just have to register) and picked up some cheap DK yarn from a local store.  Then wondered if I could remember how to knit.  I used to do a reasonable amount, but haven't done any since I moved to Wales 12 years ago.  I couldn't have described how to do it to someone else, couldn't remember and picture in my mind's eye which way to put the needle through the loop.  As I picked up the needles and yarn to do a tension square, muscle memory took over and my fingers seemed to work on automatic.  Fine.  My tension was a little loose, and increases and decreases lacked finesse, but it started to flow.  After some angst and a referral back to the picture to see how the pattern could possibly work, (the front opens on an angle from one leg all the way up the the neck), I completed it just in time for the baby to be born by emergency C section 5-6 weeks early.  So, it will be rather too large for the little love for a few months yet, but hopefully it will be easy to use and wash.

Whilst browsing patterns for baby clothes, I came across lots for baby blankets. At a local school's Christmas Fair at the beginning of December, one of my friends acquired a small 'endless granny square' blanket as a present for the new baby.  It was bright and cheerful and I made a mental note to borrow my Mum's book on crochet afghan squares when I saw her the following weekend (which I subsequently completely forgot about!).  Ah, hit by another creative inspiration ... but that's another post.

The baby shower was today, and we did indeed shower gifts on mother and baby.  He was so lovely, calmly being passed around all his belly dance 'aunties', a tiny bundle of pure potential with hands only just big enough to grip one of my fingers.

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