Friday, 14 February 2014

Good Game

From my cat Xena's point of view, anyway!  I fell for the 'cuddle and snooze' game again today.

The Set-Up
Try to catch your person after she is up and has done the important stuff, like filling the cat bowls and letting the chickens out, but before she has had her coffee.

If she comes to sit on the bed, for example to put extra thick socks on, you are in luck.  Otherwise attract her attention as she passes the bedroom door with a soft 'meep' followed by a cute, inviting look as you sit or lie snuggled on the bed.

The Game
1  Start purring and butt at her hand for a stroke. Carry on purring (and butting at the hand) as the stroking and tickling under the chin increases.

2  Start to pad up and down, purring more loudly to elicit strokes all over.

3  Raise a paw in the classic 'give me a cuddle' pose and purr even more loudly when picked up into her arms.

4  Start to press and knead at her chest, butting head to head.  Delicate but strategic use of claws may be called for (especially if she tries to put you back onto the bed), but not too rough and try not to drool as she topples back onto the bed. Don't stop purring.

5  Allow her to adjust to a more comfortable position, then either lie on her chest if she's on her back, or more likely, if she's lying on her side, in a purring puddle in the warm space between chest and arms. Carry on purring softly and eliciting a few strokes.

6  You can stop purring once you're sure she's asleep.  You've won!

7  When she wakes up some time later, you can try for a repeat game. Give her a wide-eyed 'you fell asleep!' look and start again from step 1 to 5 above, depending on whether she is still lying down. Success has been known, especially if you can persuade your brother (or any other cat or even another small cuddly companion animal) to come and lie snugly curled up and purring/snoring on the bed too!

If this fails, you can try purring meaningfully at your person as she microwaves her mug of cold coffee and goes to sit at her machine.  A plaintive 'meow' and sinuous rub against legs (hers, the desk, chair, whatever you've got) may get her up again and you can lead her back towards the bedroom.  Once she has started to drink her coffee and read emails, it is probably too late. On no account jump up onto the desk to sit on the keyboard as she will get cross, you may get coffee on your coat, and a repeat cuddle and snooze will be out of the question.

This works best on dark, cold mornings, when the weather is vile and all sensible cats and owners just want to be back in bed.

Cat owners, if you didn't know about this already, be warned!  On no account let your cat read this post, in case they get ideas.

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