Monday, 28 April 2014

A Flower a Day: Week Four - More Crochet Flowers!

I am well and truly hooked on crochet flowers at the moment, and my set of test flowers is growing.  Having decided that freeform was probably the way to go, to join the flowers and leaves into something wearable (although I haven't quite decided what, yet) I searched online for more crochet flower images and charts and information on freeform crochet.  This led to links on Irish crochet and designs for Japanese flower tawashi (scrubbing cloths). I also found a number of charts which look as though they have come from China via Russia. However, they are quite blurry copies and I think I need some more practice with instructions before I rely on charts alone.

I noticed that several of the flower patterns I'd queued in Ravelry were from the book '100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet' by Lesley Stansfield. I thought I would have a look on Amazon for it, finding it really quite cheap, I bought it and another Lesley Stansfield book '75 Birds and Butterflies to Knit and Crochet'.  My birthday present! As it says in the foreword, these aren't necessarily accurate flowers (or butterflies, etc) and both books also contain leaves, flowers, fruit, vegetables and so on, so there's enough here to knit and crochet an entire garden.  That should keep me going for a while!

However fanciful some of the flowers might be, they are also temptingly photographed with clear descriptions, so I thought I would do some as this week's set. Note, they aren't finished, with tails woven in and nicely blocked - I'll save that for when I'm putting them together into whatever I decide to make.

Materials: Acrylic DK yarn
Techniques: Crochet

Centre: Spiral rose
Clockwise from top:
Lazy Daisy
Apple blossom
Small Rose

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knittingdragonflies said...

I totally love these. I'm going to have to practice on my crochet and give some of these a try! So pretty!