Monday, 21 April 2014

A Flower a Day: Week Three - 'Simply Crochet' Flowers

Materials: Acrylic DK
Techniques: Crochet

Apart from the crochet puff stitch flower in the Simply Crochet (issue 16) project supplement, there were seven other flower patterns in the main magazine (and that's not counting a couple of other lacy/afghan flower motifs!). Quite handily, that's a week's worth - and here they are.

The large flower came out rather differently to the original, probably because I wasn't using the same yarn and hook.  It's interestingly 3D, but I'm glad I wasn't making the six suggested as cushion decorations, because it seemed to go on forever and was getting a little hyperbolic by the end, when the curls were tamed by flattening them down and doing a contrast edge around the outermost tips of the petals.

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