Sunday, 9 June 2013

Salad Days - Coleslaw

I researched this one a bit, because having decided to make it, I wasn't sure that what I had in mind was really coleslaw. I've had lots of different coleslaws, and there seem to be lots of different recipes, but the basis is generally shredded cabbage and carrot. The origin of the name coleslaw is from the Dutch koolsla or cabbage salad.  The last time I bought a pot of commercially made coleslaw, it was swimming in mayonnaise and had chunks of raw onion in it - ugh, disgusting! Then a friend invited me to dinner and made a baked potato with coleslaw and it was wonderful. I was thinking of my friend and remembered what we'd eaten.  Just what I needed for lunch today!

So, this coleslaw has the usual white cabbage and carrot, but with an apple grated into it and a small amount of light cheddar cheese, bound with a tablespoon of light mayo.  The cheese melts a little on the hot potato and there is a lovely contrast of hot and cold from the potato with salad on top.

I was amazed at how much you get for so  little by way of ingredients - an eighth of the cabbage (sliced), a single carrot, an apple and a small amount of cheese (all coarse-grated) made quite a large bowlful - enough to eat it just as it was for dinner as well.

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