Monday, 3 June 2013

Salad Days - Greek Salad

Possibly my favourite, I think I may have raved a little about Greek Salad elsewhere on this blog. I love it, but it really doesn't go with grey, cold, rainy weather.  However, our sunny, dry spell is continuing, so I did some work in the garden yesterday (the pieris has been heavily pruned!), and hungrily whacked together and devoured a stir fry for lunch.  Knowing that I would be teaching later, I decided on a salad to deal with my post-teaching munchies.

As far as I can see, there isn't really a definitive Greek Salad - it seems to differ between islands and regions.  Some include raw onion, which I don't much like although a little, sliced very finely, can add a bit of zing.  Some include herbs like thyme, oregano, dill or fennel. Some include olives, capers or sweet peppers. Some are dressed with a little extra virgin olive oil.

In a bowl, layer lettuce, cucumber and tomato (chunks or slices, you choose!) and feta cheese (crumbled, cubes or slices, however the fancy takes you). In mine, I've included Kalamata olives and a few strips of red sweet pepper.

Suddenly, I am transported from my kitchen in West Wales back to the Greek Islands!

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